Core Principles & Fact Sheet

Many components of LEAD® can be adapted to meet local needs and circumstances. There are, however, several core principles that are essential in order to achieve the transformative outcomes seen in Seattle.  These collected fact sheets explain those core principles necessary and creates the framework for successful LEAD® development and implementation. Click below to download.


Goals of LEAD

1. Reorient

government’s response to safety, disorder, and health-related problems

2. Improve

public safety and public health through research-based, health-oriented and harm reduction interventions

3. Reduce

the number of people entering the criminal justice system for low-level offenses related to drug use, mental health, sex work, and extreme poverty

4. Undo 

racial disparities at the front-end of the criminal justice system

funding for alternative interventions by capturing and reinvesting criminal justice system savings

5. Sustain 

6. Strengthen

the relationship between law enforcement and the community